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The short answer is that an office of your LLC can be the office of your Registered Agent.  As the law currently stands, an LLC must publish its legal notice in a county within which it has an office location, and this office need not be a place where business activities are conducted by such limited liability company. Note that the quote above comes directly from the definitions section (NY CLS LLC § 102) of the applicable law.

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Did you know that New York State law requires the members of a limited liability company (LLC), to adopt a written operating agreement (Ltd. Liab. Co. Law § 417)?

Your operating agreement enumerates the rights and responsibilities of the members of your LLC, among other procedures.

At a minimum, your operating agreement should spell out the following:

  • The financial obligations of each member required to set up the company
  • The rights, powers, limitations or responsibilities of each member
  • The procedure for accepting new members or managers
  • The rights of each member to the profits of the company
  • The procedure for expelling a member
  • The procedure for amending the operating agreement

We include our premium operating agreement when you purchase our LLC Publication or the LLC Formation and Publication service. Call us now (1-518-434-0263), or click here to get started.

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